Your best online shopping application

GPH E-commerce: Your best online shopping application

Welcome to GPH E-commerce, your best online shopping application! For the past 5 years, we’ve been giving all our members some of the best items they could find. From their most favourite brands to small and local ones, you’ll find a lot of incredible items here. 

We are very humbled and proud of how many people we’ve made happy and helped. This great achievement is done not just because of our talented team, but also of the mission, vision and core values that guided our way.

Today, we’d like to talk about these guiding principles we’ve used so you know how we’ve been able to better serve you. 


  • To give customers high-quality items.
  • To give customers guiding blogs that help them make better buying decisions.
  • To give customers high-quality customer service. 


To be a leading online shopping app that makes millions of people happy worldwide through excellent items, blogs and customer service.

Core values

Seeing our mission and vision statements found across our office walls are truly inspiring! However, they can sometimes feel out of reach. Whether our challenges are weighing us down or we find ourselves lost in our imaginations, they can sometimes feel like just fantasies. 

To combat these feelings, we’ve come up with a set of core values to guide us along the way. To learn more about these, here are each of them:


Our desire for excellence is what drives us to do better. With our desire to see you happy, all our processes are done with great excellence. From our easy-to-use interface to our diverse product lines, we do everything with excellence.

To encourage us to do this, we frequently remind our team of the standards set by our CEO and at the same time, hire Quality Assurance teams to foresee all that we do.


With our global mindset and practices, we desire everyone to be happy. That’s why we ensure that our application is accessible. Through our helpful modules, unique customer service experiences to having everything available in multiple languages, we want to ensure you’re easily going through our website to buy all your needs. So no matter where you’re from, culture or language you speak, you’ll get to enjoy GPH E-commerce.


We have some of the most hardworking teams in the business! Should you see them work in the office, you will see them grinding the hours to help you. We’ve managed to encourage them to be dedicated by incentivising the most talented and hardworking members. 


Education is one of the most important values we have here. This is because once we stop learning, our business will surely collapse. To fight this, our teams are frequently going on learning retreats and seminars to improve their creativity.

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