Five tips to increase your chance to sell products online

Selling online is not too different from a garage sale. You just need to present your items and hope that the people who pass by take interest and browse your wares. However, online selling can benefit from marketing strategies unlike garage sales such as using promotions or being good at interacting with potential customers. 

This can be a tricky career and you could hurt your sales if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to help boost your chance of selling your products and they all involve catering to customers:

Describe your item in complete detail

Always describe your items from what they are, what they are called, and what they made for. If it is electronics like smartphones and hardware, then you need to include a complete detail of the specs. You can find such details on the box that they came with which is more reliable than looking up their model online. For food, there needs to be a list of ingredients and production origin like GPH E-commerce did for its items. This is important for people who need to avoid certain ingredients due to allergies or to maintain a strict diet. 

Avoid using your personal contact details

Linking your personal contact information as means of contact is a bad decision as you are broadcasting your contact information to strangers. This also means you will end up losing important messages from friends and family in a pile of inquiries. It is also highly likely that your contact will fall into the hands of individuals who send scams or spams. Use a disposable phone number or make a new email address dedicated to selling a product. 

Respond to inquiries as fast as possible

Once you set up your contact information, make sure that you check it regularly or have its notifications as visible as possible. You can do that by setting your email to alert on your desktop or mobile device. Alternatively, you can buy an artificial intelligence that can answer simple questions and contact you for more important details. A responsive customer service is the key to securing a sale. You don’t have to be a good negotiator, just be attentive.

Respond politely to all kinds of inquiries and offer alternatives

Being polite is also an important trait when dealing with customers because nobody likes to be insulted. The best way to do this is to tone down your sense of humour because sarcastic comments and familiar banters can make a customer feel uncomfortable. Next is that you should try explaining your answer in different ways if they still don’t understand just so they don’t feel like they are being mocked. 

Do not fake reviews and purchases

It’s tempting to set a fake review and sale numbers to get the momentum started as many buyers refer to user reviews for making a decision. This is not always the best choice as online shoppers know how to identify a genuine response. Online stores like GPH E-commerce also have ways to filter spam content so it’s better to simply wait for a real buyer.

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